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Internationally Recognized As A  Premier Manufacturer Of Premium Quality,  High Performance, Thermoplastic Engineering Materials  In Extruded Shapes For Fabrication From A Wide Range Of  PC, PVDF, PEI, PSU, PES, and  PEEK.

Premium Performance Materials:
R-guard ™ Electrically Conductive and Electro-Static Disspative (ESD)

Kiron™ Ultra High Temperature and Superior Structural Strength

W-guard™ Premium Wear Resistance

***R-guard, Kiron and W-guard are trademarks of WarrenPSI
Shapes/Sizes Available:
Plate Widths to 25”
Thicknesses to 4”
Lengths to 12’

Rod Diameters to 8”
Lengths to 12’

Tubular Bar Diameters to 8”
Lengths to 12’
Custom Product Offerings:
WarrenPSI specializes in the extrusion of stock shapes to the customer’s specialized requirements. We have the capability to produce rod, plate and tubular bar from virtually any combination of engineering grade thermoplastic base resin and filler package.  

About Us

Warren Polymer Solutions International (WarrenPSI) was founded in 2009 by stock shape extrusion industry veteran Jeff Warren. His goal was to offer customers a friendly and easily accessible source for high performance thermoplastic materials and also provide those users with the detailed technical information necessary for their application in industry. Today, WarrenPSI continues to grow and it is internationally recognized as a premier manufacturer of premium quality extruded shapes for fabrication from a wide range of thermoplastic engineering materials including PC, PVDF, PEI, PSU, PES, and PEEK.

The manufacturing equipment and processes at WarrenPSI have been custom designed to offer optimal material properties, reasonable manufacturing costs, and quick turn around times at even the smallest production quantities.

For the custom extrusion of polymers with fillers like glass fibers, carbon fibers, or PTFE, customers frequently find that WarrenPSI offers the best value available.


From Our Founder

“We are not one of the big guys in our industry and we don’t pretend to be. What we offer our customers is straight forward and extremely knowledgeable answers to their technical questions and cutting edge manufacturing capabilities. Our team is comprised entirely of degreed engineers who have an average of 33 years of industry experience. We definitely have the knowledge and experience to fulfill our customer’s most challenging thermoplastic requirements and we strive to make sure that we are the easiest company to do business with.”
                                 - Jeff Warren

Warren Polymer Solutions International, L.L.C 925 Schwab Road, Suite 2, Hatfield, PA 19440 e-mail: sales@WarrenPSI.com Office: (215) 362-5111